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We offer competitive rates, with no hidden charges. There are no up-front charges, so, what do you have to lose?
Greenman Funding ® 16209 E Course Dr, Tampa, FL 33624
Gemco Leasing - Since 1987

Greenman Funding - Since 1996

Offices in Tampa, Fl. and Atlanta, Ga.
Greenman Funding

 Provides capital for commercial mortgages, equipment leasing and construction projects. 
We are a well-positioned to raise capital for large projects and a direct lender for hard-to-place equipment leases.

Gemco Leasing provides $1.00 Buyout Capital Leases, FMV and customized leases to all industries including hospitality, medical, construction and others. Lease amounts vary from $10 thousand to $10 million. Typical lease terms are 24-72 months.

Commercial Mortgages are available from $500,000 - $500 million, to most industries. We handle most types of mortgages.

Project Financing is available throughout the world for energy projects, infrastructure, resort development, etc. The minimum loan size is $5 million.
Fair and Equitable: Project Financing, Equipment Leasing and Commercial Mortgages .
We Specialize in  
Contract Monetization
Greenman Funding